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Why did we create Privalgo? It's simple: we wanted to give people something that didn't exist before – a way to transfer currencies via the latest technology, coupled with great service and complete transparency.

We recognised that the foreign exchange market gave you a service-led offering or a digital-led one, but not both – and we knew that wasn't enough. So, we ...


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Trade talks and Tension: Is Sterling set for Volatility?
18 February 2020

At the start of the week, Sterling was hovering around the psychologically significant benchmark rates against the Euro and Dollar, of 1.20 and 1.30 respectively. Currently at the time of writing, Sterling is sitting just below at 1.1986 against the Euro with cable sitting at 1.2978 (08.50, 18/2). Normally these figures would put the market in a good head space but the next few days bring trade ne...

Cummings and Goings – How Politics is Helping the Pound Shape up for a Good Year
14 February 2020

Remember the Brexit vote in 2016? With many ups and downs the Pound is finally heading for a pole position with its highest opening rate against the Euro since the Brexit vote in June 2016. And a tepid showing of the Euro, coupled with talk of the European Central Bank cutting rates within the next few months, are helping the Sterling bounce. Prime minister Boris Johnson's (along with his spin doc...

A Carriage Made in Heaven – but can the Revived HS2 Stimulate the Pound?
12 February 2020

Tuesday's confirmation that HS2 high-speed rail is back on track had the top of the government's batting order united in praise for Boris Johnson's 'boost capacity, cut fares and journey times' statement to the House of Commons. The Pound was also bullish – like HS2 it headed northwards against all the major currencies for the third day running. All this, coupled with a December GDP growth and the...

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