Foreign exchange has a reputation of smoke and mirrors. Traditionally, FX brokers have not had the technology to enable their clients to see invaluable and important information.  

This lack of technology also means lack of flexibility. Every time a client wants to make a transaction, they usually have to pick up the phone. 

We’re working to change this. We wanted to create a market-leading tech platform that offers our clients maximum transparency with minimum effort on their part. 

And that’s why we built Insight 

Insight is an entirely free-to-use platform that gives you complete visibility of each and every transaction. Here’s how it can benefit you: 

Maximum transparency 

  • Insight’s intuitive platform enables you to see all of your previous transactions. This gives you a clear transaction history, so you can keep track of and monitor your payments. 
  • Insight shows your available currency rates in real time, giving you access to the same information as we have. We want you to be on the same page as us. 

 Complete control 

  • As an online platform, Insight lets you make transactions anytime, anywhere. There’s no need for phone calls or emails (unless, of course, you want to speak with your Relationship Manager). This is particularly useful when you are living in a different time zone to our London office. 

Speak with a Privalgo representative to get onboarded onto Insight and find out how it can help with your FX requirements. 

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The Simple Steps

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3.  Fund your Account

Fund your Privalgo account via Bank Transfer.

4.  Transfer Complete

Once we receive your funds, we make the currency transfer. 

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