International mortgage payments

You’ve done it. You have found a dream property abroad, agreed a price and made the purchase. Yet, if you’re purchasing your overseas home with more than just your own money, the chances are you’ll need to make international mortgage payments.

Many expats settle mortgage payments with money that’s residing in their home country. That could be savings, pensions or income payments. 

As you’ll likely know, when you transfer money from one country to the next, your assets will be subject to currency fluctuations. The currency markets are volatile and often unpredictable. Any movements that go against you could put you at financial risk. 

One way you could exchange currency for your international mortgage payments is through a high-street bank. The problem many expats face with this is that banks rarely offer the best exchange rate — and they often add on extra fees that are hidden from you 

These fees can get so severe that they can equal some of your other large costs, like a month’s mortgage payment, for example.  

But there’s another way. 

Privalgo has helped hundreds of expats like you save money, time and effort with leading exchange rates and tailored solutions.  

Through a state-of-the-art client portal and a bespoke personal service, we can help you minimise the risks associated with exchanging money to make mortgage payments. 

What’s more, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Each Privalgo client has access to their own personal account manager. This one point of contact will get to know you and your requirements, understand your risks and guide you on a foreign exchange strategy. 

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The simple steps

1. Register Online

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2. Select Transfer

Select the currencies you wish to exchange. 

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3. Fund your Account

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4.  Transfer Complete

Once we receive your funds, we make the currency transfer.

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