Selling a Home Abroad

Whether you’re returning home or managing a real estate portfolio, there may come a time when you need to sell an international property. 

There’s no way to deny it: selling real estate in another country is complicated. Not only do you have to navigate a foreign property market, but you also must transfer the capital you earn from the sale back to the currency of your home country. 

The kneejerk decision for many is to use a bank to exchange currencies after the sale has gone through. The issue that many find with this strategy is that banks rarely offer the best exchange rates — and they tend to add on hidden fees. 

On the other hand, Privalgo offers market-leading exchange rates with no hidden fees. We can provide you with solutions, specifically tailored to your circumstances.  

When you’re exchanging a large amount of capital, such as is when you sell a foreign property, you want to time your trade to get the most favourable exchange rate.  

But this is difficult to do. The currency market is in a constant state of flux. To get your desired rate, you’ll continually need to monitor the headlines and act quickly once your rate is achieved. Oftentimes, people miss the boat. 

Privalgo’s clients can take of something called a Market Order. This involves you telling us the exchange rate at which you want to make the transaction. On your behalf, we will monitor the markets and make the trade once the currencies reach your desired rate. 

In a way, this means you can have your cake and eat it. You get the maximum value out of the money out of the sale from your property — and with minimum effort on your part. 

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