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There’s something special about a home that you’ve made your own. But escaping to the château, or even doing up a three-bedroom Spanish apartment, can be expensive. 

Home renovation is usually costly in its own right. But the expense only grows if you are funding it with money from a different country.  

As you’ll know, when you transfer money across borders, it will be exposed to currency fluctuations. The currency markets are in a constant state of change. The values of the currencies you exchange go up and down in every hour of every day of every weekday. 

Renovating a home can last a while. From start to finish, a full overhaul can take months. Between the initial plans and costings, to buying the materials and labour, the exchange rate could have changed starkly. 

Any negative developments in the markets can seriously affect how much money you receive once the conversion is done. This could make or break your renovation plans. 

There’s a way to minimise this risk. 

Privalgo helps thousands of expats each year transfer money for their renovation funding. We offer market-leading exchange rates and bespoke solutions to aid you in minimising risks and capitalising on potential opportunities. 

 One product that many Privalgo clients benefit from is our Flexible Forward. It essentially allows you to ‘lock in’ a favourable exchange rate for a certain timeframe. This offers you a degree of protection from any adverse changes to your rate of exchange. Regardless of whatever happens in the markets, your rate stays the same. 

Plus, it’s flexible. You can take advantage of your forward at any point during the agreed timeframe. 

Speak with a Privalgo representative today about the Flexible Forward and other solutions that could benefit you. 

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