Paying International School Fees

An international education can be a wonderful thing. Not only can going to school or university abroad be culturally enhancing for your children, but it can also give them access to academic greatness and opportunities that may not be available in the country you reside in. 

Some of our clients have moved abroad with their families, placed their children in private schools and are funding it with an income or savings from their country of origin. Other clients have sent their children away to international schools and are transferring money to pay for fees. 

Both will come up against risks in the currency markets. Even if the costs of the fees stay the same, the exchange rate of the currencies you are converting will not. 

One way or another, the currency markets are continually shifting. When you regularly send money to another country to cover school fees, you will be impacted by the volatility of these markets.  

If the exchange rate goes against you, you could end up paying more for your child’s education. 

There’s a way to minimise these risks. 

Along with market-leading exchange rates, we offer tailored-made solutions to help you avoid the many pitfalls that come with international schooling. 

For example, clients of ours can take advantage of a Flexible Forward. This solution involves you essentially ‘locking in’ an exchange rate over a given period. You can take advantage of this rate at any point during the specified timeframe. 

Not only does this give financial stability, but it also offers a peace of mind. Whichever way the markets go, whatever nasty surprises are around the corner, you know that your exchange rate stays the same. 

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