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We are currency transfer specialists that harness the power of technology and talent to deliver a superior client experience.

With decades of experience in the deliverable transfer business, our knowledge and insight deliver results and service to personal and business clients.

Our portal delivers a seamless client journey using cutting-edge financial and regulatory technology. We believe that behind every foreign exchange transaction lies a personal story; saving for a dream property or second home, diversifying or transferring a pension overseas, planning a memorable wedding location or converting a hard-earned salary back into Sterling. Whatever your requirements, we have the right strategy in place to ensure you achieve the best foreign exchange rates quickly and efficiently.

A large proportion of the deliverable foreign exchange market remains under-served and neglected with Fintech firms creating automated and scalable business models that compromise human interaction and service levels. Privalgo bridges the gap between traditional banks and established foreign exchange brokerages on one side, and digitised banking solutions and multi-currency card providers on the other.

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