Make payments from any bank in the UK or Europe. Zero effort required.

We’re introducing Open Banking to streamline your Privalgo settlement processes.

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and European Equivalents, Open Banking is a secure way for you to give us access to your financial information.

On your say so, Open Banking enables us to take funds directly from your account.

It provides a single process where you can authenticate and instruct payment from your bank. In other words, this means that you can carry out the whole process all in one place, no longer having to leave our portal to complete the transaction.

This makes for faster and simpler transactions, and minimum effort on your part. Super quick, super slick.

Below are the instructions on how to use this new feature:

*The maximum amounts being £250,000 and €100,000. Subject, also, to any further restrictions imposed by your bank.

How to use this new feature:


Fund your account on the Insight Portal
Click Buy Now to continue.


Transaction Confirmation Screen
Click Next to display payment options.

Payment Options Screen
Click Instant Payment.

Instant Payment
Bank Selection Screen.

Filter Banks
Select the Country from the drop down menu and begin typing the Bank Name in the text box.

Selecting the Bank
Click on a bank to select it. Click Next to redirect to the bank’s portal.

Confirmation of Successful Transaction
Once the transaction has been authenticated and authorised successfully, the above confirmation will appear.

Unsuccesful Transaction
If the transaction failed for any reason, the above module will appear.

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