Privalgo Co-Marketing Opportunities

Our experienced Marketing Team uses multi-channel approach to engage with existing followers and acquire new audiences. 

We use a combination of social media, CRM, editorial and direct marketing to disseminate market insights, announce Privalgo features and showcase our partnerships. 

We can embed your brand into Privalgo’s marketing channels, connecting it with our audience of high-net worth individuals and guiding prospects towards using the service.  

Social Media 

  • As a partner of Privalgo, you can expect our Social Media Team to announce the new partnership and showcase several of your properties each month. 
  • Together we can support each other’s social media channels: liking, sharing and commenting on the corresponding brand’s content. 
  • Your brand representatives would have the opportunity to provide expertise on relevant informative posts. In doing so, it can certify the company’s reputation as thought leaders in real estate with our audience. 
  • We will provide citation and links on any post where your brand is mentioned. 


  • Where relevant, we will include your brand in our own CRM campaigns.
  • In gaining access to your email database, we will be able to market foreign exchange products that can help your audience with issues unrelated to your products and services.
    Specifically, exchanging money to fund mortgage payments, renovation, repatriation, rental payments/collections and education. This will aid in building you a commission revenue stream after the initial transactions are done.
  • Privalgo attracts corporate clients as well as private individuals. We have found that high-net-worth people occasionally own their own businesses. We take advantage of this potential cross-contamination by offering private individuals corporate solutions. If it’s a referred lead, this could mean another level of commission for the partner. 

Editorial and On-Site Marketing 

  • As a Privalgo partner, you will have your own profile page on the Privalgo site, complete with benefits of using the brand and links to your own site. 
  • Your brand will have the opportunity to feature and contribute to Privalgo’s editorial and SEO endeavours. 
  • The Privalgo Marketing Team will also provide you with foreign exchange-focused content to host on your own site. 

Brochures and Case Studies  

  • Preferred partners will be able to feature in Privalgo’s brochures. These print editorials provide readers with market insights and expat stories. They will be placed in a variety of spots, such as our other partners’ offices, and will have a wide reach of international buyers and expats. 
  • The Privalgo Marketing Team often send client case studies to be displayed in print and online publications. They tell stories of individuals who have moved abroad. There’s opportunity here for your brand to feature as a main component in these case studies. 

Events and Award Ceremonies 

  • When permitted, we plan to organise a number of exclusive events, including golf days, cheese and wine nights, seminars and product launches. Privalgo’s partners will be invited to come and enjoy themselves. 
  • We also plan to organise a partner awards night, where we will award the partner who we feel we’ve had the most constructive relationship with. 


  • This year, the Marketing Team plans to kickstart Privalgo’s very own podcast. It will offer listeners opinions and insights into the foreign exchange news. As it grows, it will gain an audience of expats and high-net-worth individuals. 
  • Your brand will have the opportunity to feature on the podcast. We are keen to invite our partners on to be experts in their respective fields. Partners will be able to offer our listeners their expertise and, in turn, advertise their services to an attentive audience.

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